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About Us

AcousticCalc is an   HVAC SOFT INC Company


AcousticCalc History

  • AcousticCalc's development began back in 2003

  • ASHRAE algorithms initially incorporated were from the ASHRAE Algorithms Book.

  • Later development included changing the basis of the calculations to the ASHRAE Handbooks.

  • AcousticCalc has continued to grow and improve over the last decade.

  • AcousticCalc is written in Visual Basic which provides our customers an easy to use interface.


AcousticCalc Today

  • AcousticCalc today operates on all current Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95.

  • AcousticCalc uses the equations, methods and data from the ASHRAE Handbook algorithms combined with an extremely easy-to-use screen interface that provides our customers fast, accurate and easy HVAC acoustical analysis and noise prediction calculations.

  • AcousticCalc is constituted with engineering and programming professionals, dedicated to providing a great product with great customer service.

  • AcousticCalc is available as BOTH/EITHER a stand alone EXE program or a DLL component that can be incorporated into a parent program or Excel spreadsheet.

  • AcousticCalc's mission is to provide our customers with HVAC acoustical analysis and noise prediction programs and DLL components that provide a very easy to use on screen interface and allow for high speed calculations.

  • AcousticCalc is a Windows program, but can run on an Apple Macintosh with the help of emulation software. The software we recommend is Codeweaver's Crossover Mac Impersonator.


AcousticCalc Future

  • AcousticCalc will continue to be updated and developed with new and powerful tools and capabilities.

  • In the future, we hope to have AcousticCalc versions for multiple operating system platforms, including mobile devices.


AcousticCalc is an   HVAC SOFT INC Company


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