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  • Qwick, Accurate and FAST Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations!
  • Complete Support for BOTH IP (English) or SI (Metric) Units for All Inputs and Outputs!i class="MsoNormal" style="text-autospace: none; margin-top: 5.0pt; margin-bottom: 5.0pt"> Complete Zone Tree Control, so you can Easily Navigate your Zones supporting up to 500 Individual Zones!
    • Testing has demonstrated that 100 zones can run and show a report on-screen in about 4 seconds!
    • Large scales tests have been run with 500 zones calculated and the report displayed in less than 10 seconds!!
    • We think that QwickLoad may very well be the qwickest load calculation program of it's type on Planet Earth!!!
  • Zones and Plenums can be Added or Deleted with One Button Click!
  • Clear and Understandable (intuitive) Screens for Entering Building Information!
  • Extremely Simple to Use On-Screen Navigation!
  • Many Defaults Built-In the Program, so If You Don’t Know an Input, You’re Not Stuck, a Default is Automatically Displayed!
  • Simple to Use Construction Types for Roofs, Walls, Partitions, Windows, Shade Types and Even Scheduling Control!
  • Rotate the Entire House or Building (All rooms or zones) with One Button Click!
  • Complete Air Conditioning and Heating System Control!
  • Supply, Return, Heating and Cooling Duct Static Pressure Specification!
  • Includes an Easy to Use Duct Sizing Program!
  • Includes an Easy to Use Psychrometric Property Calculator!
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) can be Added with One Button Click and you can specify the Effectiveness!
  • Includes an Easy to User IP - SI Unit Conversion Calculator!
  • Includes an Easy to User Outside Air Estimation Calculator!
  • Includes an Indoor Pool & Spa (Whirlpool) Evaporation Load Calculator!
  • Input and Output Report Preview with One Button Click!
  • Complete and Easy to Navigate PDF User Manual, Bookmarked Throughout!
  • PDF User Manual is Full Color with a Multitude of Screen Captures!
  • Building Construction Types are Presented Right On-Screen selectable with One Button Click!
  • Error Check Message Dialogs Clearly Describe the Error with Corrective Action!
  • Easy Load Check for Any of the Individual Zones Immediately!
  • Complete File “Save,Save-As,Open,Close” Capability with One Button Click!
  • User Ability to Name Your Files Anything You Want!
  • Automatic Loading of Location Specific Outside Air Summer and Winter Design Temperatures Built-In the Program for Easy Automatic Location Selection!
  • One-Button Calculation allows you to View the Building Load as You Add Zones and/or Components!
  • With One Button Click, Project Report is Viewed, Printed or Saved as *.RTF file which can be opened / edited with Word (or any other editor)!
  • Calculation basis is the very accurate ASHRAE (America Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) "Transfer Function Method" (TFM)!
  • Calculate virtually any Construction Type U-Values on the Fly in seconds with a Custom U-Value / R-Value Calculator



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