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About Us

QwickLoad is an HVAC SOFT INC Company


QwickLoad History

  • QwickLoadís original author and creator is Victor Ray Gooch, P.E.

  • Ray is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and became a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas by examination in 1977.

  • Ray joined ASHRAE in 1997 and is a Viet Nam veteran having served in the United States Navy on the destroyer U.S.S. GOLDSBOROUGH DDG-20.

  • Ray wrote thousands of lines of code providing load specification flexibility combined with solid heat gain and heat loss calculations, zone by zone.

  • QwickLoad is written in C++ which provides our customers superior calculation speed.


QwickLoad Today

  • QwickLoad today operates on all current Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95.

  • QwickLoad uses the very accurate ASHRAE TFM (Transfer Function Method) algorithms combined with an extremely easy-to-use screen interface that provides our customers fast, accurate and easy building load calculations.

  • QwickLoad is constituted with engineering and programming professionals, dedicated to providing a great product with great customer service.

  • QwickLoad Residential 7.0 provides fast, easy and accurate heat gain and heat loss calculations for up to 10 different zones.

  • QwickLoad Commercial 7.0 provides fast, easy and accurate heat gain and heat loss calculations for up to 500 different zones.

  • QwickLoad's mission is to provide our customers with load calculations programs that provide excellent accuracy, are very easy to use and allow for high speed calculations.

  • QwickLoad Residential and Commercial 7.0 are  Windows programs, but they can run on an Apple OS (Apple iMac's and MacBook Laptops) with the help of emulation software.. The software we recommend is Parallels Desktop for Mac. www.parallels.com


QwickLoad Future

  • QwickLoad will continue to be updated and developed with new and powerful tools and capabilities.

  • In the future, we hope to have QwickLoad versions for multiple operating system platforms, including mobile devices.

QwickLoad is an HVAC SOFT INC Company


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