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Schema Server, a SaaS (a Software as a Service) developed by Carmel Software, streamlines the flow of information from DOE’s Asset Score Audit Template to ASHRAE Building EQ using an NREL-developed transport schema called BuildingSync XML. With the simple click of a button, Schema Server performs quick data validation and transfers data to consuming tools.

Schema Server can import building data from number of sources, including the U.S. Department of Energy’s Asset Score Audit Template and Energy Star Portfolio, and perform basic validation using Schematron technology. Additionally, Schema Server can export data to consuming software tools such as ASHRAE Building EQ to receive a building energy benchmarking score.

The next phase of the Schema Server proposal involves expanding interoperable capabilities with additional XML and JSON schemas and software tools. Since Asset Score exports an Open Studio (OS) file, there is the potential for some geometric information to be transferred. In this case, we will include some gbXML interoperability since OS exports to gbXML and BuildingSync references gbXML geometric elements in Version 2 of the BuildingSync schema.

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