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The AGS Facility / Room sizing software is meant to provide the most accurate equipment sizing based on the owner/ operators specific growing needs. It is meant only to provide an estimate and in no way is AGS responsible or liable for the results of the software being applied to a working facility. A licensed engineer should always be engaged to verify equipment sizing. The software uses established latent to sensible coil performance ratios at specific temperature and relative humidity setpoints. Tonnage will increase the lower the temp and humidity set points are requested and the higher the water removal requirements are requested.

CapEx and OpEx Values are for totally installed systems and come from historical data of past projects and input from industry based contractors and consultants.These numbers are not garaunteed and can fluctuate for based on a myriad of variables such as geographical location of project and physical constraints of the building itself.

When selecting “Solve For” for either finishing or flush cycle, the software will provide the required tonnage based on approximated coil sensible to latent ratios for the specific temperature and humidity and moisture removal selected by the user. The alternate condition(either flush or finishing) will be the “Rate For” condition. The program will display the amount of moisture the associated “Solve For” equipment can remove based on the temperature and humidity requested in the “Rate For” scenario.

In all cases, reports should be reviewed by client and an AGS team member and the projects mechanical engineer.

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